Why Use Simulations in Learning

“Done well, simulations can bring enormous benefits. Indeed, corporations using traditional management training programs may be wasting time and money by comparison. A well-designed simulation will yield much better results and prove more cost-effective, despite the initial expense of design and facilitation” — McKinsey & Co

Why use simulations for learning?

From a survey conducted by Simulations & Gaming (Volume 35 #2), of over 325 users of simulations it was evident that the most advantage for the user was experimental learning, whilst the advantage for trainers/facilitators was the interactive/dynamic exercises.


“Simulations are essentially a way of helping people develop their skills and knowledge quickly.” – Harvard Management Update

At CapitalWave we have been built our online simulator platforms using the latest technologies and by applying proven educational methodologies gained from our exposure to academia and leading global investment firms.

Although complex and dynamic in appearances, replicating true market systems and environments, CapitalWave simulators have been designed primary with the user in mind and as such lead them through an experiential learning process to build on their knowledge….it is as simple as A, B, C

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