Financial Simulations by Platform

There are three things that are different about our approach to the creation of simulations. They are:

1) We like to create simulations that geo-centric in focus. Meaning, we view the markets as global and simulations should have a global viewpoint. From the base or accounting currency, to the traded instruments. Anything that does not allow for this type of flexibility in creating simulations (in our opinion) misses the point.

2) Simulations should be dynamic as well as flexible. We see markets based on macro economic outcomes: Bull, Bear, Flat, Volatile and Flat/Bull. These five economic outcomes when combined with trading case-studies creates an unlimited variation for simulations.

3) We do not for one moment believe that we know what is best for your program. ALL OF OUR SIMULATION PLATFORMS have a Simulation Writer or method of developing and uploading a simulation. This affords our clients with the ability to create simulations that are aligned with their program(s) and learning objectives.

Simulations by Platform:

Capital Market Simulator (CMS)
Equity Instruments
Nokia – basic trading simulation to teach students how to use the platform
Stable Markets – GBP accounting base
Bull Market – GBP accounting base
Bear Market – GBP accounting base
Volatile Market – GBP accounting base

Commodity Instruments
Metals – Gold, Silver and Copper – USD accounting base
Energy Markets – Crude, Natural Gas and Heating Oil – USD accounting base
Agri Markets –  Soybean, Wheat and Cattle – USD accounting base

Specialty Simulations
1998 LTCM Collapse – USD accounting base
2007 Financial Collapse – USD accounting base
2010 Flash Crash – USD accounting base

Forex Trading Simulator (FTS)
All simulations are capable of trading any 12 pairs of currencies with any desired base currency

Portfolio Management Simulator (PMS)
Bull Market – US centric
Bear Market – US centric
Stable Market – US centric
Volatile Market – US centric

Bull Market – EU centric
Bear Market – EU centric
Stable Market – EU centric
Volatile Market – EU centric

Fixed Income Trading Simulator (FITS)
Bear Market – US centric
Bear Market – UK centric

Bull Market – EU centric
Bull Market – US centric

Real Market Simulator (RMS)
Uses real-time pricing for simulations – Live markets

Market Making Simulator (MMS)
This uses simulated market data to engage traders (delegates) in the role of Market Maker.  Traders are capable of trading with each other as well as the Simulated Exchanges.