Real News Trading Simulator (RNTS)

The Real News Trading  Simulation (RNTS) or CapitalRNTS (v. 4.01 -latest update October 2016) is an interactive and dynamic Investment Simulation designed to get participants to understand the role of news in investment and portfolio decisions.  This simulation platform is now available to high school students at no cost.  The corporate training replacement is the Real Market Simulator (RMS).

Teams can be organized from participants in the program/classes and are allowed to strategize and invest in the limited but strategically important securities for the duration of the simulation. To play the simulation, teams need to take positions (long or short) in the markets listed in up to a maximum size of the limits given. Teams will have a number of opportunities to change their position for the duration of your program. All trades are done at the prevailing market prices and a running profit and loss is kept. Teams compete with each other via a live scoreboard or leader board available for all participants to see.

This latest version takes the platform into new areas.  The platform is capable of using either live-data feeds or simulated data for the participant engagement.  The versatile aspect of this feature, allows for instructors to select what they feel is most relevant to their courses as well as what they want the students to experience.    With this latest version, we have also created a mechanism that allows for instructors to create any market experience they want.  This allows for experiential learning that is both engaging and relevant to markets, material and understanding of how economies work.

As with the CapitalCMS, the RNTS has added a deep set of analytical performance measures for instructors to use in analysis of trader/student participation.  We deeply believe that the addition of these analytic summaries create a deeper value of the product to each client.

What makes this simulation so versatile is that it can be customized to the program being conducted and offers instructors the ability to align the tradable securities with their material.

Nominated for “Best Learning Simulation or Virtual Environment 2011″ 2011 eLearning awards