Real Market Simulator (RMS)

The Real Market  Simulator (RMS) – (v. 2.50 -latest update Feb 2019)  is an interactive and dynamic trading simulation that utilizes live pricing on global instruments.

The RMS platform is designed for multi-day/week simulations.  Traders can compete individually, or teams can be formed for more advanced engagement.  The platform not only provides current instrument prices, but allows for advanced trading options, allowing for both market prices, stop losses, limit orders, as well as overnight trading.

Traders and Teams have a number of valuable analytics that they can view dynamically.  Traders not only have the ability to see both their individual portfolio performance and allocations, but also a Peer-Benchmark of performance and allocation of all other Trader and Teams.  Individually, Traders and Teams can measure their performance via: Alpha, Beta, VaR, RaROC, Sharpe Ratio, Information Ratio, Treynor and Sorintino Ratios.  They also provided metrics on how many trades they make, the amount of winners vs. losers.  Including the value of both winning and losing trades.

At the end of the game, Instructors can download comprehensive Game Reports.  Traders can download individual and team reports for the competition.  This is our newest simulation platform and is configured so that 100’s of students can play at the same time.