Portfolio Management Simulator (PMS)

CapitalPMS — Portfolio Management Simulator (PMS) (v. 3.75 -latest update Nov 2018) is designed for delegates/students who work in the Wealth Management and Private Banking as well as those in Hedge Funds.

This simulation is for delegates who are seeking to develop their knowledge of the fundamentals of modern portfolio theory, asset allocation theory, equity analysis and portfolio construction techniques.  The CapitalPMS has a diverse offering over 10,000+ equity instruments and fixed income instruments.  Allowing for exposure to all of the worlds major exchanges and emerging markets.  The CapitalPMS comes with 4 core simulations that cover all economic market conditions for immediate use in any program.

It also allows for other instruments such as: metals, agri’s, forex, options and futures.

The program allows for: sector, geo-centric, geo-political and currency risks in the simulations.

Clients have used the CapitalPMS as the trading tool for simulating potential real-life events.  We have worked very tightly with geo-political advisers to develop custom simulations that allow for an experiential situational experience for very senior trading and wealth management teams.

As with the CapitalCMS, the CapitalPMS program can run in both open or closed facility environments.  Allowing for delegates who are participating remotely to participate in the complex simulations.

The CapitalPMS includes all of the analytic risk management metrics that all of our products added in 2012.

As with all of our products, we built the product to allow for custom simulation development by a client.  It is our desire to allow for each and every client to be capable of creating custom simulations to align with their internal needs and experiences.

As with most of our simulation platforms, we license the PMS either individually or as part of our “Power Suite” of simulation platforms to corporate clients, training companies and universities globally.