Market Maker Simulator (MMS)

CapitalMMS (v 1.50 -latest update August 2019) is our highly engaging Market Maker Simulator (MMS).  This simulation platform replicates the roles that Market Makers have in the capital markets.  It allows for delegates to act in the role of a market marker or a client.  Having the need to manage risk, manage relative positions, respond to market players.  All of this allows for delegates (traders) to experience the high pressure of real trading and volatile markets, but allows the Instructor to tightly control the experience.  The MMS is designed for trading of Equities, but other instruments could also be used.

The MMS is available to run in open training facilities.  We have also expanded the availability to run programs in geographically diverse locations.  Having an instructor in one city and participants distributed globally.   Delegates that are not local can participate in the simulations via the internet — keeping even those remote participants engaged in programs where they are not local.

This latest version includes the MMS Simulation Writer (SW).  This is an online wizard which facilitates the creation of simulations for the MMS platform.  This feature allows for very detailed customization of simulations and tightly aligning the user experience with program curriculum.

As with all of our simulation platforms, the MMS includes a very deep analytic metric analysis of each trader.  Depending on the level of complexity that an instructor is teaching, the analytics provide detailed P&L, VaR, RaROC, Sharpe Ratio and Information Ratio on each trader.  The inclusion of these Risk Management Reports is part of an overall enhancement to all of our simulation platform.

The MMS is the most advanced market making trade simulator on the market.