Development Road Map

Here is what to expect for 2017:

Q3 Development Plans:


  • core-code updates to each platform
  • optimization of all pricing engines and algorithms
  • Comprehensive development of simulations for each platform.

PAS – Portfolio Allocation Simulator

  • A comprehensive portfolio management simulator learning platform that will allow for back testing, and comprehensive analysis of portfolios, including risk parity and stress testing.

FIA – Fixed Income Analyzer

  • A detailed learning platform that will provide a comprehensive set of tools related to fixed income products and the yield curve.

Q4 Development Plans:

OSA – Option Strategy Analyzer – to become the Derivatives Strategy Analyzer (DSA)

  • Add to the existing Option types
  • Add Swap calculators
  • Add Forward & Future calculators
  • Develop a comprehensive¬†learner course repository


  • Expand to include a Risk Manager Role for teams

2018 Development Plans

New Platforms on the horizon:

BOSS – Back Office Settlement Simulator

  • Development of a new simulation platform that will address the Trade Life-cycle

HFS – Hedge Fund Simulator
IBS – Investment Banking Simulator
PES – Private Equity Simulator